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Network Administration is a requirement for today’s complex business networks. From simple things like adding a new user to complex remote access and security; allow JDS Networking’s highly trained and experienced technicians to manage the network so you can focus on growing your business.

JDS can keep up with almost daily patches, updates, service packs and security updates that are released to keep your network running smooth and secure. Almost all software now offers updates to fix problems and patch security holes. With seemingly everything “connected”, you cannot afford to get behind. Even that innocent looking PDF viewer software can allow an infected file downloaded from an email or website to compromise your computers!

Another consideration is how the updates will affect your network and other existing software. Will they cause the server to reboot causing the whole network to go down? Will installing one update cause a critical program to stop working after the update? JDS can ease these worries and take care of potential issues before they become problems!

JDS can also manage the daily needs of your network, such as setting up new shared printers, adding new users, resetting forgotten passwords, managing email accounts, setting user access to files, etc... the time consuming work that must be done that takes you away from running your business.

With our Remote Support packages, we can provide most of these services without an on-site service call, saving both time and money. We can even take care of many updates in the evenings or over a weekend without any downtime during normal business hours!

We can also provide Remote Server Monitoring to perform 24/7 “check ups” on your server & workstations to ensure everything is working correctly and find potential issues before they become major problems.

Let JDS Manage your network instead of it managing you...

Since 1988... Making Technology Work For You...


* Network Administration

* Disaster Planning and Assessments

* Network Inventory and Monitoring

* IT Outsourcing

* Network Security and Protection

* Remote Off-Site Backup

* Cloud Hosted Services

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