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JDS Networking can provide Technology Consulting Services to help you decide the most beneficial direction for your business - whether you have only a couple of computers and need to share a printer and the Internet; or have multiple offices and need to share information between them... we can help!

Do you need secure wireless access in a conference room? Remote access to your network for traveling workers? Have you outgrown your current server? Does your network seem much slower than it should be? Is your backup system really working? Are you constantly fighting virus & spyware infections?

JDS Networking can examine all those questions and provide answers! We can help your office become more productive, better utilize your current network and recommend changes that will help you reach your long term goals while protecting your data and reducing downtime with preventative maintenance.

Our consulting does not follow the “one size fits all” approach of many so-called “experts” that only recommend what they know best or is most profitable! We work with you to custom tailor a solution that will best fit your needs... even if it means not buying anything new, only better utilizing your existing equipment!

A perfect example is remote access - VPN, Remote Desktop, Sharepoint, FPT, IIS, GoToMyPC, OneDrive, DropBox, VNC, etc. All are remote access solutions, but all fit very different needs. Choosing the wrong one will only frustrate you and not meet your expectations or fill your needs!

If you already have an expensive proposal from another company and want a second opinion, give us a call before spending thousands on something “new” without really understanding why. Also, beware of ANY computer tech that attempts to scare you into an to upgrade “because it’s old” or “there’s a new version out”! There are times we talk our clients out of upgrading if there is no benefit… because new is not always better.

Let JDS Networking answer your technology questions!

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* RFP Bid Package Development

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Since 1988... Making Technology Work For You...

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